Redundant Genset
Control Panel for
mission critical


Woodward’s dual modular Redundant Genset Control Panel (RGCP) was designed to provide an additional layer of power system reliability in mission-critical applications, such as data centers, hospitals, or critical industrial processes where the cost of an outage greatly exceeds the installed cost of a redundant control system. Based on the familiar easYgen-3400 series genset control, the RGCP includes all the features, functionality and proven quality of the industry-leading easYgen-3000 series paralleling genset controls.

The RGCP-3400 is delivered as a fully-wired, factory tested turn-key assembly that easily interfaces with a PLC-based SCADA system. The space-conscious design greatly simplifies switchgear construction and provides peace of mind in critical applications, where even a momentary loss of the on-site power system may result in substantial monetary loss or risk to life or security hazards.

At the heart of the RGCP is a pair of Woodward easYgen-3400 series genset controllers, each housed in a robust metal enclosure. Specially designed firmware allows the two controls to operate in tandem in a primary/standby configuration. Should the CPU of the primary unit fail, control is automatically transferred to the stand-by unit and “bump-less” genset control is resumed; there is negligible effect on generator stability or load sharing during the transfer, even during start-up and synchronization. Manual transfer between primary and standby controls is also possible through a key switch, for making fail-safe check, firmware upgrades, or “hotswapping” controllers for any reason. The RGCP can be used on an isolated generator or can load share with up to 32 RGCP (or easYgen-3400/3500) equipped gensets in islanded or utility parallel operation. Communication and load sharing between RGCP’s in a system can be done over a redundant fiber optic ring network topology; any single break in the ring will not affect the network integrity. The RGCP is also compatible with LS-5 circuit breaker controls, for synchronization and control of up to 16 utility or tie breakers in complex distribution systems. Each RGCP can be used with up to 2 remote panels (RP-3000) for genset control and visualization. Terminal blocks are provided for end user connection of redundant power supplies.


• Fully wired compact turn-key assembly with outside terminal blocks for wiring like a single easYgen-3400
• Unique bias tracking firmware, for bump-less transfer to the backup controller even while the generator is fully loaded and paralleled with other generators
• CT shorting blocks for “hot-swap” of a controller without having to stop the generator
• Automatic detection of primary/stand-by controller status and loss of redundancy. Local annunciation through LEDs and remote indication through potential free contacts
• Parameter alignment monitoring between primary and stand-by controller and mismatch alarm
• Available load share communication line redundancy with fiber optic ring
• Up to 2 remote panels (RP-3000) realizable for genset control and visualization
• Manual switch-over capability for commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting
• Full connectivity of up to 32 Generators and 16 LS-5 circuit breaker control devices in one application
• Operation modes: Auto, Stop, Manual, and Load/No Load test modes via RP-3000 or discrete inputs
• Breaker control: Slip frequency / phase matching synchronization, open-close control, breaker monitoring
• Load transfer features: open / closed transition, interchange, soft loading / soft unloading, mains parallel
• Remote control via interface and discrete/analog inputs for adjusting speed, frequency, voltage, power, reactive power, and power factor set points
• Multi-lingual capability: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish