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Substations are the heart of an electrical power distribution system. Substations receive energy and then distribute that energy throughout your power system. In substation Varies Electrical Equipmentsoperation&maintenance include, Such as KIOSK, HT Breaker/ VCB/ SF6 breaker, Transformers , LBS , HT panels etc.& proper maintenance of all systems is crucial to ensure substation safety, reliability and healthyperformance.

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This substation part is under MSEB scope and for any work in KIOSK metering we need to take permission of MSEB. Mostly common problem occurred in this, to be replaced burned HRC fuse for R, Y&B Phase. Metering is commercial part so need to observed this regular interval.

HT Breaker/VCB

For HT switch gear preventive maintenance is recommended , because failure of switch gear cannot be permitted by any organization .In Preventive maintenance bellow checklists is followed by Asian Power –

  • Cleaning of HT Breaker Terminal,Earth connection by proper cleaning agents
  • Inspect HT breaker by proper Operators
  • Insure that all contacts operated proper in open & close position and clean carbon from terminal.
  • Check operation counter operation is going properly
  • If operation counter operation is more than 1000 times , need to overhaul.
  • Check Level of Foundation surface
  • Base of breaker is in proper condition.
  • Tighten Bolt and other hardware
  • Ensure the assembly is totallyleakage free
  • Ensure HT breaker Open and closed operation as per our satisfactory checklist.


Normally 2 type of transformer used in substation , Dry Type & Oil Cooled

Transformer is heart of any electrical system, hence need preventive maintenance is always cost effective & time saving. Anny failure of transformer can extremely affected all function of organization

In Preventive maintenance bellow checklists Asian Power is followed –

  • Check Oil level &Leakages to be attended
  • Sludge , Dust, Dirt, Moisture need to remove by Oil Filtration by Routine Maintenance once in Year
  • Insulation Resistance of Transformer should check once in 6 Month
  • Check any lose connection of HT & LT
  • Check Silica Gel from Breather, if require change it
  • Check Oil Level regularly
  • If insufficient cooling need to work on external cooling
  • Regularly do painting to avoid rusting
  • Once in Year do Oil BDV test (Break Down Voltage), for that Oil Filtration carried OUT .
  • If Transformer Dry Type, to minimize Humming Noise Tighten Core bolt and other inner hardware

Electrical Maintenance Work

  • HT/LT panels
  • Transformers (power/distribution/lighting)
  • Lighting/service boards
  • Ups and battery chargers
  • Battery banks
  • Control panels
  • Emergency dg sets
  • Motors and local control stations
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Single phase power points
  • Panel for fire alarm
  • Power cable end termination
  • Control cable end termination

DG Set Operation And Maintenance

The DG set is a compact and robust machine in which mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Working of Diesel Engine

It uses diesel oil and works on diesel cycle. In this system the air is suppressed inside the cylinder and then diesel is injected which burns itself due to high temperature of compressed air. The diesel is injected through injector in the chamber. This is also called four stroke diesel cycle compression ignition engine. Which consists of four strokes, as follows :

  1. Suction Stroke
  2. Compression Stroke
  3. Power Stroke
  4. Exhaust Stroke

Daily Checklist

  • Clean DG set Every Day
  • Check Fuel Level
  • Check the Lubrication oil level in engine
  • Check coolant Level„
  • Check the condition of belt for its proper tension. „
  • Check the condition of air Filter„
  • Check the oil bypass filter and Oil Filter„
  • Check the vibration and tightness of the bolts.
  • Check the Battery Voltage
  • Check tightness of Battery connection„
  • Check charging current and charging system„
  • Check condition of inter cool connections for any overheating and abnormality.


  • Be sure Every Six Month / 250 Hrs Servicing will be done.
  • Change Air filter once in a year / required
  • Calibration of DG Pump and injector setting need to do every two years
  • Follow manufactures recommended manual for servicing and daily checklist

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