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Directional Feeder Protection

The MCA4 is designed for the protection and control of mid-range voltage feeders. In addition to numerous protection functions for feeder protection and the utility connection point, the switch control can be fully monitored and controlled by the MCA4 by remote control or on location.

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Feeder protection and interconnection of decentralized energy resources

The MCA4 is a precise and reliable protection, control and monitoring relay for feeder, grid and generator applications. The latest generation series from Woodward (formerly SEG), the MCA4 incorporates all the ANSI and IEC concepts to comply with ever changing grid interconnection requirements. Flexibility in hardware, software, application, user interface and communications makes the MCA4 adaptable to requirements today and in the future.  The protection functions of the MCA4 have been adapted to comply with the requirements of the VDE-AR-N-4110/4120:2018.

The parameterizing and analyzing software Smart view is usable for eachHighPROTEC device and free of charge.

MCA4 is the ideal directional feeder protection for industrial and utility distribution networks. Integrated interconnection / grid code package. Large control capacity for switchgear. Very large protection package (reclosing, load shedding, load restoration, demand management, monitoring functions,)

ANSI: 50, 51, 67, 51C, 51V, 50N, 51N, 67N, 46, 49, 27, 59, 59N, 81U/O, 60FL, 79, 86, 50BF,74 TC, 81R, 78 74 TC, 81R, 78,


  • Comprehensive protection package
  • THD protection power quality
  • Demand Management/ peak values
  • Interconnection Package
  • Recorders
  • PC Tools
  • Commissioning support
  • Communication options
  • IT Security
  • Logic equations for protection
  • Time synchronization
  • Wattmetric Ground Fault Protection


Current Inputs

4 (1 A and 5 A) with automatic CT Disconnect

Voltage Inputs

4 (0 … 800 V)

Digital Inputs

Switching thresholds adjustable via software

Power Supply

24 VDC – 270 VDC / 48 VAC – 230 VAC (−20/+10%)


All terminals plug type

Type of enclosure


Dimensions of housing (W x H x D)

19“ Flush Mounting:
212.7 mm × 173 mm × 208 mm
8.374 in. × 6.811 in. × 8.189 in
Door Mounting:
212.7 mm × 183 mm × 208 mm
8.374 in. × 7.205 in. × 8.189 in

Weight (max. components)

approx. 4.2 kg / 9.259 lb



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