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Harmonic Filter

Harmonic Filter

Harmonic is defined component of periodic wave whose frequency is integral multiple of the fundamental frequency. Non liner load such as rectifier, inverter, variable speed drive, furnaces create harmonics.

Reduction in harmonic, one can improve the power quality and increase the efficiency of electrical distribution system. The power saving up to 10 to 30% is possible to achieve, depending on the applications.

We offer complete solution to this problem. Our Harmonic filter is state of art designed filter which improves the overall power quality by limiting & eliminating the harmonic currents. Our filters can:

  • reduce harmonic up to 50th order.
  • balanced current on the supply side.
  • ensure close to unity displacement power factor for both lag & leading current system.
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Harmonic Filtering

  • Passive Filter ( Tuned & Detuned)
  • Active Filter
  • Hybrid Filter

Benefit of Harmonic Mitigation

  • Reduction in operating expenses.
  • Reduction in capital expenditure.

Harmonic Impact

  • Creates Nuisance Tripping of Breakers & System Shutdown.
  • Reduction in Equipment life
  • Increase losses in Cable, Transformer, Capacitor Bank.
  • Overloading of Distribution system
  • Overloading of Neutral Conductor
  • High Percentage of energy losses in power lines
  • Increased wear and limited system availability
  • Downtime of equipment & System
  • Increase OPEX & CAPEX
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel ( AHPFCP)

Preventive Measures:

  • ProCare : AMC, Power Quality Measurements & Analysis, ACB Servicing & After Sale Sup-port




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