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Automatic Mains Failure Control

The innovative features of the easYgen-1800 Series, including flexible breaker configuration and start/stop logic, real and reactive power sensing, and remote-start capability make it the intelligent choice for specialized mobile power and emergency standby applications.

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The Woodward easYgen-1800 series compact AMF controller with ethernet and SD card connectivity and a large liquid crystal display (LCD), adequate I/Os and common industrial connectivity for a single-generator set used in critical standby or prime power applications with automatic changeover capability. The controllers include purpose-built algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect the genset, open/close circuit breakers and mains supply monitoring with automatic changeover. Equipped with state-of-the-art communication interfaces, Woodward’s easYgen-1000 Series of AMF genset controllers provides exceptional versatility and value for OEM genset packagers.


  • Large LCD display for enhanced user experience
  • Built-in Ethernet for remote control, browser based visualization, and service tool connectivity
  • SD card slot for life long data log
  • Easy to set up and commission
  • Best in class large liquid crystal display
  • Comprehensive engine, generator and utility protection
  • Engine ECU interface to electronic engines
  • Programmable I/Os
  • Six communication ports: Ethernet TCP/IP, CAN J1939, RS-485, RS232, USB, SD card slot
  • Dedicated heavy-duty relays for engine and breaker interface
  • Switchable parameter sets for mobile genset applications
  • Event log and event- triggered data log


  •  Three-phase true RMS power sensing
  • Operation modes: AUTO, STOP, and MANUAL modes accessible through front panel, discrete inputs or via interfaces
  • Remote control via multiple interfaces and discrete inputs
  • Direct support of several ECUs, such as Bosch, Cummins, John Deere, MTU, Perkins, Scania, Volvo, Woodward
  • Two heavy-duty relay outputs for cranking and fuel solenoid
  • Event and data logging capabilities with real-time clock
  • Maintenance scheduler with multipurpose flexible timers
  • Operating hours, start, maintenance counters and monitoring
  • Three switchable parameter sets of AC system winding, Rated Voltage, Rated Frequency, Rated Current, Rated Power, Rated Speed
  • Can be applied on pumping units as an indicating instrument (relays are inhibited)
  • Can be configured from a computer via USB or from the front panel with password protection
  • Manual breaker operation with tactile buttons on front panel
  • Custom boot-up logo with adjustable screen display time
  • Multilingual customizable user interface


Operating Voltage

8.0 VDC to 35.0 VDC, Continuous Power Supply.

Maximum supply voltage

Short Time 80 V (5-10 s); Long T. 50 V

Minimum supply voltage

6.5 V

Power Consumption

<4 W (standby ≤ 2 W)

Minimum frequency

Generator: 10 Hz; Mains: 27 Hz

Maximum frequency

Generator: 99.5 Hz; Mains: 99.5 Hz

Frequency resolution

0.1 Hz (10…99 Hz)

Frequency accuracy

±0.1 Hz

Overload Measurement

Max.: 10 A

Start Relay and Fuel Relay Outputs

16 A DC28V supply output in easYgen1600/-1700/-1800
5 A DC28V supply output in easYgen1400

Case Dimensions

237 x 172 x 45 mm

Panel Cutout

214 x 160 mm

Operating Conditions

Temperature: (-25 to +70) °C;
Humidity: (20 to 93) %RH

Storage Condition

Temperature: (-25 to +70) °C

Protection Level

IP65 in the front, mounted with kit IP20 on rear side Net

Net Weight

0.85 kg

Product Certification

A Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, also known as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, is a specified document certifying the country of origin.



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