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We have the tools and expertise to help you with many issues common to commercial building management. Our on-call maintenance technicians can handle minor building exterior tasks like plumbing and  closed circuit camera, card access control as well as bigger jobs like Common Communications Network.

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Common Communications Network

  • Closed Circuit Camera
    Area where cameras installed is under observation, and recording help to find out any phenomena related to security with proof.
  • Card Access Control
    Controlling access to any premise is play important role for security purpose e.g. Hospital,Airports,Bank or any building.
  • Smoke Detector
    Smoke is a first sign of fire, so proper operation of smoke detector system is useful to avoid any unwanted accident.
  • Emergency control of elevator, Doors, HVAC system
    Central climate control reduces Electricity bill as well as manpower.

Plumbing Services

Water is most Critical utility requirements . Supply of normal and hot water with proper method and without wastage through skilled plumber is main motto of Asian Power Plumbing services.

  • Handle Plumbing service by skilled plumber
  • Clean underground &overhead water tanks as per planed schedule
  • Operate value and tab as per time table
  • Avoid wastage of water by overflow tanks/tab/valve
  • Proper maintenance of plumbing system as per schedule


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