Microgrid Solution

Microgrid Solutions

Enabling Reliable Islanded Power Systems

Asian Power is your single-source solutions partner for implementing robust, cost-effective microgrid control strategies. 

We specialize in dedicated source-level control components that interface easily with your microgrid SCADA system, allowing reliable integration of traditional power generation sources with renewables and energy storage while letting you focus on high-level system control and optimization.

Our portfolio of products for microgrid includes:

  • Paralleling genset controllers
  • Turbine, compressor and engine control and safety systems
         MicroNet Plus Control System
  • Engine speed and emissions control
         APECS Speed Controls
         E3 Emissions Control Systems
  • Power inverters for solar and wind
         SOLO Solar Inverters
         CONCYCLE Wind Converters
  • Measurement and protection relays
  • Synchronizers and load share controllers
  • Automatic transfer switch and circuit breaker controls


We are an industry leader in controls solutions for grid-tied and islanded power applications, and our experience in paralleling traditional sources is unsurpassed. 

Project Support

Asian Power's expert engineering and field service support will help ensure your project success, from front-end design assistance to commissioning support and technology upgrades.