PTransformer Differential


The MCDTV4 offers an all-in-one solution for HV, MV and LV transformers and it offers much more than just a differential protection package. Furthermore it can detect critical operation states based on voltage measurement (e.g. Overexcitation). The MCDTV4 provides in addition to that an Interconnection package. This can be used for mains protection at the point of common coupling (e.g. for directional reactive power undervoltage protection). The integrated backup protection package enables the MCDTV4 to act as backup protection (e.g. for downstream breakers). Additional features like demand management are available without extra charge.

Comprehensive protection package
• Six elements phase overcurrent protec tion directional and non-directional (ANSI/IEC/51C/51V)
• Four elements earth fault protection (2) non-directional or directional (multi-polarising)
• Two elements unbalanced load protection
• Voltage protection (2) six elements selectable: : V<, V>, V<(t) • Six elements unbalanced voltage supervision • Flexible Fourth Voltage measuring input (2) 2 elements VE> or VX (for synch-check)
• Synchro-check options Generator-to-System or System-to-System
• Each of the six elements frequency protection can be used as: f<, f>, ROCOF, vector surge...
• Six elements power protection each can be used as: P>, P<, Pr, Q>, Q<, Qr, S>, S<
• Two elements power factor (PF)

power quality
THD protection

Interconnection Package
• The comprehensive interconnection package is summarized within one menu: Non-discriminating active power direction depending load shedding
• FRT (LVRT): Settable FRT-Profiles,optional AR coordinated
• QV-Protection: Undervoltage-Reactive Power protection
• Automatic Reconnection
• Frequency protection:Six elements configurable as f<, f>, df/dt (ROCOF), Vector Surge
• CB-Intertripping
• Synch Check (Generator to mains, mains-to-mains), options e.g. to switch onto dead bus

• Disturbance recorder: 120 s non volatile
• Fault recorder: 20 faults
• Event recorder: 300 events
• Trend recorder: 4000 non volatile entries

PC Tools
• Setting and analyzing software
• Smart view for free
• Including page editor to design own pages

Commissioning support
• USB connection
• Customizable Display (Single-Line, ...)
• Customizable Inserts
• Copy and compare parameter sets
• Configuration files are convertible
• Forcing and disarming of output relays
• Fault simulator: current and voltage
• Graphical display of tripping characteristics
• 7 languages selectable within the relay

Communication options
• IEC61850
• Profibus DP
• Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP
• IEC60870-5-103
• DNP 3.0 (RTU, TCP, UDP)

• of up to six breakers (or isolators/grounding switches)
• Breaker wear

• Up to 80 logic equations for protection,
• control and monitoring

Time synchronisation
• SNTP, IRIG-B00X, Modbus, IEC60870-5-103