Industrial and Factory Automation

Asian Power Industrial and Factory Automation Servovalves

Industry leaders in direct drive servovalve technology

Asian Power is an industry leader in motion control for industrial and factory automation applications in:

  • Automotive assembly and painting
  • Machining and metal processing
  • Plastics injection molding
  • Forest processing
  • Robotics
  • Material testing
  • Industrial process control
  • Motion simulation
  • Animation
  • Medical equipment

Our R-DDV™ Rotary Direct Drive Servovalves and brushless dc motor products are used throughout the international industrial controls industry for precision motion and position control.

The R-DDV™ servovalve’s design and technology simplifies hydraulic and pneumatic system design, materially enhances system efficiency and enables highly precise position, velocity, acceleration and force control. Our extensive brushless dc motor, gear and position sensor product lines support electric actuation solutions across a broad range of industrial equipment and process applications.

System engineers, system integrators and OEM equipment manufacturers look to Woodward for demanding industrial motion and control solutions.