Asian Power Hybrid Control Technologies

Confidently implement your hybrid control system

Asian Power simulation tools, production-ready control hardware, and application development tools allow you to confidently implement your hybrid control system. Our tools support hybrid electric, hybrid hydraulic, and pure electric vehicle control. Develop and maintain your own intellectual property and maximize your returns.

Use Asian Power's model-based design software, MotoHawk, to create your application on a MotoHawk enabled controller. Asian Power has a variety of production-ready modules that are a good fit for hybrid supervisory control applications. If we don’t have exactly what you need today, we can help you build it.

You can use the MotoHawk suite of application development, calibration and service tools to build and deploy your hybrid application the way you want it built. And, as always, when you build your application in MotoHawk, you own the intellectual property rights.

Need a jump start? We can start you with a base hybrid control model or provide engineering services as you need them. Asian Power engineers have extensive expertise in developing both hydraulic and electric hybrid systems.