Control Technologies for the World’s Best Engines

Fully integrated control systems reduce costs and enhance engine performance

Asian Power is committed to delivering high quality, reliable control systems that meet your needs and perform to your expectations. Our components and energy control systems are used in many diverse reciprocating engine applications. We collaborate closely with our OEMs to develop innovative systems that enhance profitability and meet the increasing demand for engine control applications.


Our integrated systems are based on a foundation of key technologies − electronic controls and software, fuel and air delivery, and combustion control. With our fully integrated control system architectures, costs are significantly reduced while performance and external communications are enhanced.

Asian Power's system experience includes full control of high pressure common rail, dual-fuel, natural gas, and bio-fueled engines across all size ranges and applications. Our rapid control system development tools allow easy customization by Asian Power or your team.

Combustion Technology

  • Ignition Management
  • Engine Control Units
  • Coils and Spark Plugs

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Air, Fuel and Exhaust Control

  • High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection
  • Hydro-Mechanical Governors 
  • Control Valves
  • Actuators
  • Integrated Throttle Bodies


Electronic Controls and Software

  • Engine Speed
  • Power
  • Emissions
  • Advanced Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools
  • Service Tools