Genset Control for
Complex Paralleling Operation


Woodward raised the standard in genset paralleling control and power management system with the easYgen- 3000XT Series controllers. These controllers come with standardized software that is simple to configure, yet easily customized for individual applications. Enhanced connectivity enables fast, reliable and secure interfacing to other controls and communications systems while the enhanced hardware is a drop-in replacement for previous generation easYgen-3000 Series Controls.

The easYgen-3500XT with a dedicated CANopen network for connectivity to up to 16 LS-5 Circuit Breaker Controls, enables control of complex distribution systems having multiple utility feeds and tie breakers, and parallel load sharing of up to 32 generators on up to 32 different bus segments. Redundant load sharing is selectable using both Ethernet B and C networks for improved reliability. The control combines complete engine-generator control and protection with advanced, peer-to-peer paralleling functionality and innovative features in a robust, attractive, user-friendly and all-in-one package. The easYgen-3500 XT controls are designed to direct connect up to 690Vac and operate to 4000m above sea level without derating.

The easYgen-3500XT is available in two packages. P1, focused at complex paralleling applications provides redundant Ethernet communication, LS-5 connectivity, and standard I/O set, while P2, Co-Gen/CHP model offers expanded onboard I/O set, 3-ph busbar voltage measurement capability and an interface expansion card slot for an additional interface/protocol. These packages also come without a display in a rugged metal housing suitable for back panel installations (easYgen-3400XT-P1 and easYgen-3400XT-P2 respectively). A sophisticated touch screen remote panel (RP-3000XT) complements them as operator control panel.

A version of easYgen-3500XT (easYgen-3500XT-P1-LT and easYgen-3500XT-P2-LT) is designed to operate down to -400 C for outdoor applications.


• Full connectivity of up to 32 Generators and 16 LS-5 circuit breaker controls in one application
• Run-up synchronization / Dead Field Paralleling to quickly get several synchronous generators onto the load
• Three-phase true RMS power sensing with Class I accuracy
• Operation modes: AUTO, STOP, MANUAL, and TEST - accessible through face plate or discrete input
• Breaker control: Slip frequency / phase matching synchronization, open / close control, breaker monitoring
• Load transfer: open / closed transition, interchange, soft loading / unloading, Utility parallel
• Load share and device to device communication over CAN or Ethernet (Redundant possible)
• Remote control via interface (Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU) and via discrete/analog inputs for adjusting speed, frequency, voltage, power, reactive power, and power factor set points
• Freely configurable PID controllers for various control purposes, such as heating circuit control (CHP applications), water level, fuel level, pressure and / or other process variables
• Direct support to several ECUs: Scania S6, MTU ADEC ECU7/8/9, Volvo EMS2 & EDC4, Deutz EMR2 & EMR3, MAN MFR / EDC7, SISU EEM, Cummins and Woodward EGS02 ECU
• Field ECU support and additional I/O expansion board connectivity through sequencer files
• “System Update” function for online troubleshooting and adding / removing generator sets
• Time / Date synchronization over Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
• Cylinder head / exhaust temperature monitoring (Temperatures come from J1939 or CANopen devices)
• Woodward ToolKit™ software for flexible setup from a single connection to the network. The ToolKit can be accessed either via USB, or Ethernet or CAN ports.
• Multi-lingual capability: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Finnish, Swedish