Genset Control for Auto
Start and Transfer Switch
Operation (Model "320/350")


• 3 phase generator and mains true rms voltage, measuring inputs: rated 480 Vac (max. 600 Vac)
• Maximum 2 configurable discrete inputs
• Maximum 2 programmable relays
• D+ input (charge alternator input/output)

Generator / Engine: Battery voltage, overspeed (12), over-/undervoltage (59/27), over-/underfrequency (81O/U), charge alternator failure

• Start/stop sequence for Diesel engines
• Pre-glow control · Operating hours, service hours, and start counters
• Configurable trip levels/delays/alarm classes
• 6digit 7segment LED for odisplay of measuring values (V, f, speed) odisplay of counters (see above) odisplay of alarms odisplay of ECU messages
• PC and/or front panel configurable (selection of parameters for front panel configuration)
• Password protected front panel configuration
• 15 entry event logger
• Customized display using paper-strips

• Model "320x": GCB (generator circuit breaker) operation only
• Model "350x": GCB and MCB (mains circuit breaker) operation
• Generator voltage measurement o 3phase-4wire, 3phase-3wire, 1phase-3wire, and 1phase-2wire
• Mains voltage measurement o Model "350X": 3phase-4wire, 3phase-3wire, 1phase-3wire, and 1phase-2wire
• Visualization of J1939 messages
• MPU input (magnetic/switching)


The easYTMgen-320x offers automatic engine starting, stopping, metering, and generator protection (the easYTMgen-350x adds AMF and transfer switching). The easYTMgen-300 series is designed for single unit isolated operation applications. The multi purpose 6 digit 7 segment LED offers the ability to display measured values and alarm messages. The CAN bus operation adds the ability to display J1939 messages from an engine ECU.

breaker applications


The isolated J1939 CAN bus permits long distance networks for selected ECU manufacturers. Our sales department can provide information regarding the selected ECU manufacturers.