Genset Control for
Single Unit Operation


The 2nd Generation of genset controls is designed to provide a maximum of flexibility in a user friendly and intuitive design with a large graphical display for various applications. This controller is one of a series of new and powerful genset controls (easYgen). This trend-setting technology offers a maximum of flexibility for each user. New technologies included are:

FlexAppTM - This intelligent and flexible feature provides the tools to easily configure for multiple applications. The user can configure the easYgen-1000 Series for use as
• Measuring transducer/engine control [0-CB-Mode {0}] for start/stop and measuring conversion
• 1-breaker-control [GCB open, {1o}] above plus engine/generator protection
• 1-breaker-control [GCB open/close, {1oc}] above plus stand-by power applications
• 2-breaker-control [GCB/MCB open/close, {2oc}] above plus AMF, and open transition applications

DynamicsLCDTM - The graphical LCD provides softkeys that vary depending on application and operation.

FlexInTM - The two analog inputs can be freely configured (adaptable for each type of sensor) by the user as:
• VDO (0 to 180Ohm [0 to 5bar/0 to 10bar]; 0 to 380Ohm [40 to 120°C/50 to 150°C]; 0 to 180 Ohm [0 to 100% level]; isolated (2- pole) and non-isolated (1-pole) ground senders only)
• Resistive input (Pt100 / linear 2point / user-defined 9point)
• 0/4 to 20 mA (linear 2point / user-defined 9point)

FlexCANTM - Flexible isolated CAN bus for multiple use. Selectable during configuration: CANopen, or CAN (CAL); coupling of easYlite remote annunciator; coupling of 3rd party expansion cards supported (request detailed information from our sales department). J1939 protocol for ECU coupling and alarm management, remote start/stop with ECU possible (Scania, Volvo, Deutz, mtu).

LogicsManagerTM - A large number of measuring values, inputs, internal states or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal function.


• FlexRangeTM - true RMS 3phase generator and mains voltage, measuring inputs: o Rated 120 Vac (max. 150 Vac) and o Rated 480 Vac (max. 600 Vac) in 1 unit
• True rms 3phase generator current/power
• True rms 1phase current input alternatively and freely configurable for o Mains current o Ground current (ground fault protection)
• 1 speed input (magnetic/switching)
• up to 8 configurable discrete alarm inputs
• LogicsManagerTM - up to 9 program. relays
• FlexInTM - 2 configurable analog inputs
• FlexCANTM - CAN bus communication (32 participants, isolated)

Generator / Engine: Battery voltage, overspeed (12), over-/undervoltage (59/27), over-/underfrequency (81O/U), overload (32), reverse/reduced power (32R/F), unbalanced load (46), definite time-overcur. (50/51), inverse time-overcurrent (IEC255), calculated + measured ground fault

• FlexAppTM Technology (4 application modes)
• DynamicsLCDTM - 128×64 pixel graphical interactive LC display with softkeys
• Start/stop logic for Diesel/Gas engines
• Engine pre-glow or purge control
• kWh meter, kvarh meter
• Operating hours/start/maintenance counters
• Configurable trip levels/delays/alarm classes
• Push-buttons (softkeys) for direct control
• PC and/or front panel configurable
• Multi-level password protection
• Multi-lingual capability (10 languages in 1 unit configurable: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese)
• Event recorder (300 events, FIFO) with real time clock (battery backed; min. 6 years)
• Modem connectivity with DPC
• easYlite annunciator support via CAN bus
• Remote control via interface / digital signals

• Current input as ../5 A (standard) or ../1 A