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Asian Power's Compressor Control and Protection

With our field proven solutions, your compressor operates at peak efficiency, while each stage is protected from potentially catastrophic surge events.

Do you need to – 

  • Decrease shutdowns due to surge or process instability?Compressor pg cost of downtime (4 web) conni Hinkel
    Woodward's answer is proven rate control and surge prevention technologies that have long been used and qualified by major compressor OEMs. These algorithms enable operators to easily manage, start and stop (parallel or series) compressor applications.
  • Decrease cost to repair surge damage? Woodward’s patented Rate Control PID technology is your key defense tool against costly repairs. After sensing acceleration of  the  compressor control-point toward the surge line, it quickly reacts to position the compressor stage or train farther from that line.
  • Decrease startup time and process re-starts? Woodward’s multi-stage decoupling logic allows upstream stages to anticipate a possible surge event when downstream stages are in or close to surge. The advantage of such incipient surge detection is quicker total train response time, resulting in quicker return to efficient production.