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Power Quality Solutions

Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, supports OEMs, system integrators, as well as end users in the most diverse industries. Schaffner components increase the reliability of machinery and motor drives. Our solutions make renewable energy technologies grid-compliant. They eliminate EMI in electronic devices and power supplies, and ensure the quality of telecom applications. And they make the use of cars, trains, and ships more efficient and enjoyable. Wherever electricity is used, Schaffner products are there to ensure its efficient consumption and quality.

This section contains some of our key markets. Schaffner is also active in numerous other industry segments. Please contact your local partner within Schaffner’s global network to obtain competent assistance for the requirements of your individual application.

motor drives

Motor Drives

Variable speed drives are widely used across all industries in many different applications. Schaffner offers the largest product portfolio..
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building technology

Building Technology

We are the experts for electromagnetic compatability and power quality. An efficient flow of energy and reliable operation..
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factory automation

Factory Automation

Factory Automation Systems are usually a consisting of different systems in a fully integrated process flow. Tailor-made solutions.. Learn More



Schaffner components and solutions allow service security for federal and regional electrical infrastructures.. Learn More



Schaffner serves a wide range of different mobility applications and supports customers in developing future mobility solutions..
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From the early beginning of green energy production, Schaffner components and solutions have made an important contribution.. Learn More


EMC/EMI components and solutions reduce high-frequency interferences originating from the electronic drive units of machine tools, robotics.. Learn More

power supply

Power Supply

Schaffner components in power supply units guarantee the flawless operation of all electrical and electronic devices, including..
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Schaffner solutions for use in modern cars can be found in keyless locking systems (passive entry/passive go), electronic.. Learn More