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Protection Relay

Woodward designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of intelligent multifunctional protection and control relays that are used in a range of power generation and distribution applications (e.g. utility, industrial, renewable and generator sets). Decades of experience, combined with continuous improvement into our protection relays, bring advanced technology to your installations. Our modular-designed product families provide an array of solutions for mains decoupling, feeder, motor, transformer, generator, and line protection. The integrated concept of protection functions in one device tailored to specific requirements results in a cost-effective solution for reliable, state-of-the-art protection systems. Woodward is recognized as a leader in the field of advanced power generation and distribution control products. Our cutting-edge control and protection devices are designed to work in complex systems to meet the needs of tomorrow’s smart grids. In particular, our medium- and high-voltage protection relays deliver reliable protection of your distribution systems. These multi- and single-function relays are equipped with cybersecurity features to protect the grid and carry UL and CSA approval as well as KEMA certification.


Interconnection / Mains Decoupling

During mains failures, DER (Distributed Energy Resources) should stay operated and connected to the grid to support decreasing mains voltage, by feeding reactive power.. Learn More

feeder protection

Feeder Protection

From the generation via transmission and distribution down to the load, Woodward's feeder protection relays protect the entire power chain throughout different voltage levels..
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motor protection

Motor Protection

To ensure day-to-day electrical induction motors keep processes running, and to maximize the motor’s operating life, Woodward offers a variety of highly-adaptable Intelligent Electronic Devices.. Learn More

transformer protection

Transformer Protection

Transformer protection and maintenance is essential for a reliable energy supply. Woodward’s intelligent electronic devices with perceptive algorithms protect.. Learn More

generator protection

Generator Protection

Woodward’s Intelligent Generator Protection Relays provide a broad scope of primary and backup protective functions, from overcurrent protection to generator..
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line differential

Line Differential Protection

Woodward offers line differential protection with fiber optic communication, because it is the best way to protect an overheadline.. Learn More

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